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Organizes the registry fragments and compact the registry
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No other program name could better describe what this tool really does – scan your Windows registry. ScanMyReg performs a thorough scan of that sensitive area of your Windows system and informs you about all the inconsistencies and broken entries found. As a bonus, it can also back up and restore your registry in a snap. In order to fix any of those issues and to defragment the entire registry, you will need to upgrade to a fully-functional version.

ScanMyReg is one more in the long list of tools that have been clearly designed to make evident to you the terrible state your Windows registry is in, so that you have no other choice but upgrading to the Full (or Pro) Version if you really want it to fix the hundreds of issues that are surely slowing down your computer and compromising its performance. Not being a marketing specialist, I find it hard to evaluate if this strategy really works; as a user, however, I find it even harder to evaluate the efficiency (and the purchase) of a tool that doesn’t give you the opportunity of testing it. When the only objective of a trial version is to make you buy the real thing, one can’t help wondering if the more than 800 issues found are all real.

Consequently, all I can say about ScanMyReg is that it does scan your system and presents you with a supposedly accurate report with your system health status (Poor), the number of total errors (804), and the damage level (High), all in a computer that is regularly cleaned and inspected for errors. The only other functionality that hasn’t been disabled is the Backup Registry option. It does make a copy of your registry that you can use to restore in case things go wrong – a completely useless feature when the app in question doesn’t perform any changes whatsoever in your registry. Another useful utility you can only have a glimpse of is the registry defragmentation utility.

If you are curious about ScanMyReg’s opinion about your Windows registry’s health status, this free trial will provide you with an interesting report in just a few seconds. If, however, you also want the program to solve whatever problems your registry may present, you’ll need to go directly to the purchase page and get a license for the Full version.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Thorough registry scan
  • Fast full registry backup


  • The trial version does not fix any issues
  • Registry defragmentation is not enabled in the trial version
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